Dragon-Blooded Breeding

Exalted Second Edition standard rules do not give sufficient treatment to the inheritance of the Dragon-Blooded Breeding background. Here is my solution:

b = (0.5 P + H + 3 L)/4


  • b is the Breeding rating of the child. This rating is recessive in mortals.
  • P represents the child’s parentage. If both parents are Terrestrials, it is 1. If both parents are mortals, it is -1. If one parent is a Terrestrial and one is mortal, it is 0.
  • H is the Breeding rating of the higher-breeding parent.
  • L is the Breeding rating of the lower-breeding parent.

This solution creates a mostly-downward trend for Dragon-Blooded Breeding levels provided that the two parents’ breeding scores are not within 0.33 of each other. It also provides something of an explanation for exaltations that skip generations or ‘spontaneously’ occur in mortals.

Note that this system works best if Breeding ratings are carried out to five decimal places. Always round down the breeding rating, and no actual rating can be higher than 6.99999 or lower than 0. To start new bloodlines, generate a random decimal extension for the character’s breeding score.

An Illustrative Example

Cynis Daedalaen, a Breeding 5.09610 Terrestrial, has a child with Mourning Reed (Breeding 0), a very winsome, if sad, mortal woman. The child, Cynis Emara, exalts with Breeding ([0 + 5.09610 + 3*0]/4) = 1.27403.

Emara eventually grows up to have children of her own with Ragara Orolo, also Breeding 1.39228. Their child, Cynis Gurdane, exalts as a Terrestrial with Breeding ([1 + 1.27403 + 3*1.27403]/4) = 1.52403.

Eventually, Gurdane is married to the exceptionally well-bred Mnemon Avandine (Breeding 5.87390). Their child, Mnemon Sursha, ends up exalting at Breeding ([1 + 5.87390 + 3*1.52403]/4) = 2.86150.

Should Sursha choose to have children with her mortal lover, Handsome Stud (latent Breeding 2.01402) or her Dragon-Blooded husband Ragara Xephlan (Breeding 5.21200), then her children will either be Breeding ([0 + 2.86150 + 3*2.01402]/4) = 2.22589 (if Handsome Stud is the father) or Breeding ([1 + 5.21200 + 3*2.86150]/4) = 3.69913 (if Ragara Xephlan is the father).

Any children who do not exalt mantain the same Breeding rating as their Terrestrial siblings, but they do not enjoy the boost to their children’s Breeding Backgrounds. Thus, while a line of interbreeding Terrestrials could slowly make its way back to the universal Breeding 6 levels of the early First Age, mortals will find that the blood of the Dragons slips gradually from their veins.

Dragon-Blooded Breeding

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