House Rules


Table of Common Poisons
Name Damage Cap Interval Toxicity Tolerance Penalty Cost
Marijuana 41 hour 2/2 -2
Alcohol 2B hour 3/3 Sta+Resist/hour -1 ● to ●●●
Arsenic 2L day 3/5 Sta/month -0 ●●
Coral Snake Venom 6L action 3/5 -5 ●●
Arrow Frog Venom 8L action 4/6 -4 ●●●
Yozi Venom 10A minute 5/7 -5 ●●●●●2

1 Marijuana inflicts imaginary damage (treat as bashing for recovery time)

2 Within Malfeas, Yozi Venom costs only ●●●●

When a character sustains a dose of poison, create a damage pool of (Damage Cap) levels of damage. If the poison has a Tolerance value, do not create damage pools for the first (Tolerance) doses sustained in the time period. Every (Interval), roll the character’s (Sta+Resist), difficulty (Toxicity) and remove one level from the damage pool. If the roll fails, deal one level of the indicated type of damage to the character. If the roll succeeds, divide the number of extra successes by (Toxicity), and remove that many (rounded down) levels from the damage pool. If a damage pool is reduced to zero after this step, that dose of poison has cleared the character’s system.

While there is poison in the character’s system, he suffers an internal penalty of (Penalty) + (Number of Doses) – (Permanent Essence/2). This penalty does not affect the rolls to resist poisons and cannot reduce any die pool to zero. Different poisons each apply their penalties separately.

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House Rules

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